The MSU Actuarial Online Exam FM

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This quiz is intended to "simulate" the SOA Exam FM online test. The questions are the copyright of the MSU Actuarial Science program (unless otherwise noted) and have been designed to closely replicate actual SOA Exam FM questions. When you click the next button, the quiz will commence. Each test gives you 30 questions that must be completed within 3 hours. The 30 questions are randomly selected from our bank of test questions, about 70% are Interest Theory questions and the other 30% are Derivatives Market questions. We have set the pass mark to be at 70%. Do your best to answer each question correctly. Once completed, you will receive your score at the end of the test. You will also have the opportunity to compare your answers with the correct solutions for each item in the test. Keep in mind this is still under beta testing. We will be happy to receive feedback from you; each question has an ID found at the top left corner. Use this ID when sending feedback. Good Luck! * This project has been initially funded by MSU. Additional questions to the bank will be made by end of summer 2016. Click 'next' to begin test...

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